The Stanley Z. Baker Foundation

To honor the man behind J.T. Eaton's success as a rodenticide and integrated pest management equipment leader, the Twinsburg-based manufacturer has begun the Stanley Z. Baker Philanthropic Program.

Baker, a 1999 Pest Control Industry Hall of Fame inductee, purchased J.T. Eaton in 1949 with a $2,500 loan he took against his insurance policy. Before his death in 2005 at the age of 87, he built it up to a multi-million-dollar company, pioneering such products as Eaton's Bait Blocks, the first commercial paraffin-based rodent formula, in the 1950s. In 1980, Baker created Stick-Em Glue traps and worked tirelessly in improving rodent stations. In 1999, he helped patent an ant and roach product that used just 1 percent of boric acid.

Today, the company is run by Baker's sons, Ben and Bart. Bart Baker's son, Dale, recently joined the team this year to continue the tradition for a third generation.

In addition to J.T. Eaton, Stanley Baker owned Scent-Off Corp. in his retirement years in Florida.

"He was always interested in industry innovation and helping others," notes Dale Baker, who helped his grandfather with the Scent-Off business until it was sold in late 2005. "I believe he would be pleased with what we are trying to accomplish with this program."

The program is intended to serve two purposes: One is to create scholarships for college students looking to enter the professional pest management industry, and the other is to team with pest management professionals to help make charitable product donations and treatment. For example, a PMP wanting to help a non-profit organization with a rodent infestation free of charge could put in a request through the Stanley Z. Baker Philanthropic Program for donated product.

To learn more about the scholarship program or a donation request, please contact Dale Baker at 800-321-3421 or

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